Raised Access Floor



Any building new or old can benefit from a raised access floor.  However, an older building can be significantly upgraded  when a raised access floor is installed.  The RAF allows the user the ability to distribute power, data, communications etc. and allows for any future moves/adds and changes to be made at virtually no cost and no downtime.


UFAD stands for "Under Floor Air Distribution" and is the best way to distribute mechanical HVAC systems within a commercial space.  With the ever evolving commercial office world, having the freedom to move office, desks, occupants etc. is a must!  A RAF combined with UFAD makes any future changes easy and virtually free!


Using a raised access floor within a higher education setting has proven itself with millions of square feet worth of access floors at universities, colleges and high schools across North America.  Allowing students to connect their devices anywhere in the classroom allows for collaborative work groups and networking.  A RAF allows future-proofs the pace, allowing for future technologies to be added with ease!


With new advancements in raised access floors we can now go as low as 2.5" from the slab to finished access floor height, whilst maintaining a fully adjustable system.  This low-profile floor allows the users to run all their data, power and electrical without interrupting the existing floor to ceiling height.  Modular plug and play power systems are a great way to add even more flexibility to the space, click below to find out more!