Commercial offices and UFAD

One of the biggest advantages to employing a raised access floor is the ability to develop an "Under Floor Air Distribution System" or UFAD for short.  UFAD has proven to be the most efficient way to distribute the air within a space, when compared to traditional overhead systems.  Employees often suffer with too much cold air flow due to shared overhead diffusers, often employees within a space are "too cold" or "too hot" and have no option for personal comfort.  With a UFAD system each individual would have their own diffuser, located conveniently close by allowing as much or as little fresh air into the space as needed.  Thus increasing happiness, productivity and employee comfort.  

Commercial offices across the globe benefit from raised access flooring and UFAD.  Office buildings use access floor for a means to distribute mechanical, plumbing, data, power, networking cables and any other forms of infrastructure typically found within a building.  This creates a more sustainable and flexible environment, allowing the users the freedom to make moves, adds an changes with ease and at virtually no cost.  

Because the UFAD design takes up less space than the traditional overhead method, this greatly reduces the cost of the building facade and allows for  more "free" floors when constructing an office tower.  

The UFAD systems requires smaller blowers and air handlers requiring less energy, more free cooling hours and a more efficient way of ventilating the space, thus in turn allowing the building to reach LEED and USGBC approvals easier.