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Center for Interactive Research & Sustainability, Vancouver, BC

Raised access flooring is becoming the norm for higher education buildings and institutional projects across North America.  Having the option to build tiered lecture halls, run low profile floor, or install a raised access floor combined with under floor air delivery gives the users the freedom to adapt and make changes with ease.  This is of extra importance to higher educational settings as their occupants are forever changing and their needs are forever evolving.  Having the raised floor allows for new and updated technologies to placed easily and at virtualy no cost to construction or downtime. 

Raised access floors can provide any space, new or old with the flexibility it needs to adapt with new technologies.  One of the biggest challenges for higher education settings is to keep up with technology, employing a raised access floor allows these changes to happen easily and at no cost to construction, simply re-route your new technology needs within the plenum space and bring through an electrical box or grommet in the floor plate.  Whether adapting for new students or technology, creating collaborative working environments - raised access floors are the best way to provide the base in which you can grow and adapt.  Please reach out to us today to learn more. 

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