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Raised access floors and under floor air distribution systems are quickly becoming the standard when designing and building offices and developing new projects across North America.  When employing a raised access floor you give the occupants the freedom to adapt, to grow organically.  Anytime there is a need to add a desk or make changes to the layout, collaborate on a project, a raised floor gives you that option.  The raised floor panels are interchangeable revealing the plug & play electrical system that can be changed and manipulated easily and at no downtime. 

Take the office you work in, if there is a new employee added how are the desks changed, how is the power displaced?   What happens when you want to work on a project together?  Now imagine if you had the freedom to pull power from ANYWHERE, imagine you could add a fresh air supply ANYWHERE in the floor.  These are all possible with a raised access floor!

The BOW Tower, (pictured here) employs 1.8 million sqft of raised access floor and under floor air distribution.  This building is home to an array of tenants, spread out over 53 floors.  Over the years it has seen different tenants occupying the space, all of which were able to use the raised access floor to create a unique and custom space without weeks and months of construction. 

BOW Tower, Calgary, AB

Imperial OIL, Calgary, AB

Collaborative work stations, open offices, boardrooms and conference rooms can all be interchanged and adaptable when you have a raised floor ad modular partitions in the space.  Having the flexible power option means you are never tethered to a wall or power station - the power is always beneath your feet, with the option to provide service wherever is needed.

Offices across North America and the world have realized the incredible benefits from an access floor - continue to reading to find out which notable buildings have adopted this technology. 

Some notable buildings from across North America that adopted the raised floor technology are:

1.) San Francisco Federal building (2007)

2.) The New York Times building (2007)

3.) Taco Bel HQ (2009)

4.) Apple store (1993)

5.) Bellagio show palace (1998)

6.) Pearl River Tower - China (2011)

7.) The Shard (London, UK) 

8.) The BOW Tower (Calgary, AB)

9.) Telus Towers (across Canada)

10.) Burj Khalifa (UAE)


The list is very impressive and it could go on for days, there are projects all around the world enjoying the benefits of the system, reach out to us today to learn more. 

Telus Gardens, Vancouver, BC

We are very passionate about the modular building approach, please reach out to us today to schedule a consultation, lunch and learn or information session - we look forward to meeting with you. 

Mackimmie Tower, Calgary, AB

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