What is a raised access floor? (RAF)

A raised access floor is comprised of nominal size panels, typically 610mmx610mm (24"x24") that sit atop individually levelled pedestals to create a plenum space that can house, mechanical, electrical, data, plumbing and any other forms of infrastructure typically found within a traditional build-out.  The access floor allows the users a space in which to freely distribute power, data, networking and other cables as to service work stations, offices, boardrooms, furniture etc.  This system allows the users the freedom to move these options simply by removing an access floor panel and simply re-routing the plug and play electrical housed within the plenum space.  Raised access flooring can be installed in new or old buildings and at varying heights, we have seen as low as 2" and installed as high as 11'!  A raised floor is perfect for offices, classrooms, command centers, data centers, retail spaces, casinos, museums and so much more, please continue reading below to get into detailed aspects of the access floor system, under floor air distribution and modular power.

What is under floor air distibution? (UFAD)

Under floor air distribution (UFAD) is a distribution method that sees ventilation and conditioned air supplied within the plenum space created by the raised access floor.  This conditioned air is brought in much the same as the traditional overhead systems, however it is distributed freely within the space, free of ducting, and using floor diffusers to vent into the occupied zone.  There are many advantages to using a UFAD system over the traditional overhead (OH) method, one of them being thermal stratification - meaning because the air is introduced from below, the thermostat setpoint can be set higher, therefore providing the same comfort level with less effort, reducing costs and being vbetter for the environment.  Other key elements and advantages are, higher levels of personal comfort ad each user would have his/her own diffuser, flexiblity within the space and ventilation efficiency (VE).

What is modular power (plug and play)

Simply put modular power is a system whereby all of the electrical plug-ins are done by "plug & play" technology.  An electrician would simply hardwire the main distribution box, from there you can have the freedom to run 9 or even 12 cables, each of those cables could then power an electrical box with up to 8 receptacles!  This makes the space completely flexible and allows the users to simply lift up a floor panel and re-route their power to wherever they need.  This can allow the users to place any height access floor they wish, from 2" up, and gives the space the option to have full layout flexibility, allowing the occupants to use full glass walls and maintian power in the floor, never tethering them to fixed point.  Simply put, modular power will future proof the space, making it a sustainable and organic project. 



Higher education

Institutional settings are quickly adapting raised access floors as the standard for any new or exisitng project.



Offices across North America are realizing the benefits to utlizing a raised access floor and under floor air distrbution system.



Make any existing space truly work for you, for years to come.  Future-proof your space with a raised access floor.

Panel types & accessories


Types of panels

Concrete, filled steel, metal encapsulated panels - there are a variety of panels to choose from, which is right for your project? 


Ramps, steps & more...

Ramps and steps are created right out f the access floor - find out more.

linear grill.jpg

Grilles, diffusers & more

Variety of options for diffusers and linear grilles, all made completely custom to suite your project.

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