Raised access flooring - The details

Raised access flooring is made-up of adjustable pedestals, fastened to the slab typically with an adhesive and raised flooring panels - typically 610mm x 610mm (24"x24")  The system is 100% level, as each head has the ability to be laser levelled to within 0.5mm - creating a truly flat floor.  The pedestals are laid out and simultaneously levelled, with raised panels being laid in behind - this method truly speeds up the construction of any project.

The space created by adding the raised floor is referred to as the plenum space.  This space can now be used to distribute mechanical, power, data, communications, plumbing and any other service that would typically be in the ceiling and/or walls of traditional project construction.  Having the raised access floor can make the tenant improvement portion of the project much more efficient by creating a flexible and adaptable work place.

The perimeter panels of the access floor panels are custom cut on site, utilizing a low RPM bandsaw, specifically designed for use on a raised floor.  The perimeter panels are supported using special perimeter pedestals and at time sealed to prevent air leakage.  Once complete the space is ready for turnover and final finishes.

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